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Kindly welcome are papers within the research domains of structural and environmental engineering, environment oriented architecture, planning, urbanistic and environment protection. Papers should be written in English. Only original papers, unpublished and not being submitted to any other journal, can be accepted for publication in CEER.


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CEER publishes original, previously unpublished papers after a reviewing process and acceptance for publication. Only papers relevant to the journal’s topic, which is broadly understood civil and environmental engineering, will be accepted for reviewing.

The reviewing procedure for manuscripts submitted to CEER is based on the following rules:

  1. Special attention is given to the following aspects:
    1. the importance of the subject of a paper, its relevance to CEER’s topic and the relevance of the title and the abstract to the content of the paper,
    2. the clarity of the text of the paper, the interpretation of facts and justification of the conclusions,
    3. the approach to facts, the style of the paper and adherence to CEER’s editorial requirements,
    4. the relevance of included figures and tables, and the adequacy of literature citations.
  2. At least two independent reviewers from a scientific institution other than the one represented by the author/authors are asked to review each paper.
  3. Reviewers are selected according to their competence in the subject of a paper that is submitted for publication. The following relationships between the reviewers and the author/authors of the paper are unacceptable:
    a) a close personal relationship (a family relationship, a legal relationship or a conflict),
    b) a superior-employee relationship,
    c) direct scientific cooperation within two years prior to the review.
  4. A review of a paper leads to a clear decision as to whether the paper is accepted for publication:
    a) without corrections,
    b) with minor corrections, which do not require another review,
    c) with major corrections, after which the paper has to be reviewed again,
    or it is recommended that the paper should be rejected.
  5. The author/authors is/are informed about the results and content of the review as well as the editor’s decision, but the reviewers’ names are not disclosed.

On the basis of reviews of a paper, written responses to them and a corrected version of the paper sent by the author, the editor makes a decision as to whether the paper should be published in CEER or rejected.

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